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These are more than just books to read!

Every book comes with an educational section filled with discussion questions, learning points, and links to downloadable activities.  Literacy is so much more than just reading, and we want to explore every angle of it!


Our Books

In partnership with Pandamonium Publishing, each book is carefully crafted to tell a story that draws you in and surrounds you with an experience.  Based on the true stories of Pet Therapy, the books reveal a real life experience that our readers can relate to.  


There is a tremendous benefit to Animal Assisted Reading Programs.   By reading to a non-judgemental, interactive partner, children's confidence is boosted, their fun factor is increased, and suddenly they are immersed in the joy of reading. 


The proceeds from each book are put right back into improving Children's Literacy through bursaries and by supporting Animal Assisted Reading Programs to further boost the reach of literacy into our communities. 

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It’s Jordyn’s first day at a new school. But, oh no, what is this? A dog at school? Jordyn is afraid of dogs. Will he ever make it through this day? Find out what happens when Jordyn meets Moxy, a Therapy Dog who visits his class!


Written by Nicole Selby & Tonya Cartmell, illustrated by Kira Alexanian, Pandamonium Publishing House, 2022.

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Ernie’s mom doesn’t know what to do! When Ernie is at his job as a Therapy Dog, he is calm, quiet, and well-behaved. But when Ernie is at home, it’s like he’s a different dog-he runs around the house and chases squirrels up trees! Will Dr. Heather the vet say that Ernie can’t be a Therapy Dog anymore?

Written by Nicole Selby & Tamara Botting, illustrated by Kira Alexanian, Pandamonium Publishing House 2022

Image by Aaron Burden

Every book we produce comes with downloadable content to make it a full experience! Discussion questions about the topics in the book, educations facts and highlights, and links to interactive content. There are activities for all ages! 


Download this content to simply have fun or to build into your lesson plans. 



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