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Activity Sheets

At Pages, Pens, & Paws we believe that a book is so much more than just a story.  

A book contains all the ingredients to expand upon the learning concepts and scenarios presented by the Author.  That's why we take our books several steps farther to include Discussion Questions, Activity Sheets, Colouring Pages and more to build a full lesson plan for your classroom or just explore the concepts to their fullest.  We hope that our readers come away with an experience that makes a positive impact on their lives, and the lives of those around them.  

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Moxy Makes a Difference

The story of Moxy and how she made a difference is a heartwarming one.  An all consuming fear that makes everyday life difficult is an all too familiar story for many people.  Explore the concepts presented in this book on facing fears, how we can help others cope, and how working dogs can be a benefit in these activity pages.  


Ernie the Perfectly Wonderful (BAD) Therapy Dog

The story of Ernie and his multiple personalities is a fun one.  How can he act so differently in different settings?  For many, the ability to act "good" all the time is difficult, misunderstood, and mismanaged.  Explore the concepts presented in this book on "good vs bad" behaviour and the way it is interpreted by others. 

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