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Young kids

Donate for Literacy

We know that not every child has the same opportunities in life.  That is why we have a Donate for Literacy program where donor's can fund a child's experience.   

Why Donate?

Every child deserves a chance at success in life.  Literacy has been shown to be one of the skills that can have the most impact on the long term trajectory of a child's life.  Having the skills to read and write is imperative to advancing in school, a career, and and even your health & wellbeing.


Issues such as decreased exposure to reading, dyslexia, learning disabilities, vision, speech, language problems and more can make it incredibly hard for a child to learn to read.  Once they have a bad experience, it can be very difficult to reengage their interest, and many give up altogether.  

Children from poverty have less opportunities in life.  At Pages, Pens, and Paws we are determined to make sure that a child's financial status never gets in the way of them participating in our programs.  Through the generosity of our donors, any identified child in need will be given a free pass to our events.   Investing in Children's Literacy is investing in our future.  

Become a Donor

We gratefully accept donations big or small, with options for a one time or monthly donation program.   You have the power to change a child's life!

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